Cheerleader Makes Her Teacher a Money Slave

Dakota gets in trouble with the teacher because she was texting in class. The teacher makes Dakota sit in the front of the class and stay during the pep rally!!! She's a cheerleader she can't miss the pep rally!!! When all her classmates leave for the rally Dakota has a little BLACKMAIL for her teacher! apparently Dakota knows that the teacher hooked up with her best friend the captain of the cheerleading team! And she saw the pictures and video! To keep Dakota quiet she decides to miss the pep rally and take the teachers credit cards and online shop with all 3!!! The teacher begs her to stop but Dakota will not till she spends every single dime of his!  she also sent a little present to his door step for his wife to see ;-) Dakota also forces him to lick her smelly cheerleader feet because they need to be cleaned.. he said he would do anything HAHAHA.