Halloween Magic Foot Twist

Dakota, Bailey, and Lance are all dressed up and getting to go their friends Halloween party. Dakota has just written this new song that she wants to play for Bailey and Lance before they leave. Little do they know that this song has the magical power to transform them into foot worshipping slaves. See, Satan is within Dakotas feet and he wants to be worshipped. Dakota tricks Bailey and Lance into thinking that she is their friend so that she can try out her new spell.Bailey and Lance are stuck in this total state of trance do the magical song. Dakota can now make them bow down and worship the feet that behold the essence of Satan. Bailey and Lance begin licking her feet all over and sucking on her toes. Dakota is throughly enjoying all of the amazing foot worship, but decides its time to end the trance so that they can all get going. However before she decides to bring them back to normal, Dakota places a spell them that forces the nasty taste of her feet to be permanently on their tastebuds. Bailey and Lance snap out of the trance and are immediately disgusted by the never-ending taste of Dakotas feet as they walk out to leave.