Dakota Gags on Dildos

Dakota is doing a cam show and presents three dildos to her viewer, who wants her to gag on them! She asks which one he wants her to gag on first and she says, "Why don't we try them all?" She begins to push the blue on down her throat and her gag reflex sets in. Gag gag! But she takes it like a champ and shows all different angles; from the side, straight on, with her head tilted back, etc. She gags on the pink one next, which looks to be a little bit bigger and she makes a face as it triggers her upchuck reflex, haha. Then she leans back on the couch and takes the cocks upside down, which is the hardest gagging position! We can hear her gag noises as she forces it down her throat and her makeup begins to run down her face! Damn, Dakota gags on those dildos good! She looks into the camera and shows us her running eyeliner and her face that got all messed up from the gagging. Oh noes!